During my 30 plus year addiction to cycling and bikes, I have cycled all over the world and on every type of bike imaginable. I have met, worked with and cycled with many of the greats from the past and the current crop of world class athletes, most recently working with Norco Factory Racing as a team Mechanic at the UCI world cup.
I have been involved with the cycle trade since finishing school and completing an engineering apprenticeship, which originally started in the motor industry and ended at a local cycle shop. I learned the trade as an apprentice mechanic and progressed to workshop supervisor and finally became the manager. At the time I had ambitions to pursue a professional cycling career. However, a serious cycling accident, which resulted in a significant stint in Stoke Mandeville hospital and 18 month recovery, put a dramatic end to those hopes.
During that period I enrolled in a degree course studying Sports Science and Education. Upon completion of my degree, I earned my coaching and teaching qualifications and subsequently worked as a coach and teacher for almost 20 years.
I returned to the cycling trade full time in 2013 with ATG Training, where I was a trainer, assessor and internal verifier for the Level 2 and 3 engineering apprentice programme and specifically for the CYTEC qualification, which is the only cycle-specific qualification advocated by the Association of Cycle Traders in the UK and internationally. In this role I worked all over the UK and was personally responsible for looking after the market leaders in cycle retail, manufacture and distribution, e.g. Madison/Shimano, Fishers/SRAM, Rutland Cycling, Pedal on and Cycles UK.
I was a speaker at the Cyclex (National annual trade show) in 2013 and was a representative for the National Association of Cycle Traders at ICE bike (Madison/ Shimano trade show) for 3 years. I have a professional support network and access to technical information and training which will ensure I stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

Owner and Lead Mechanic